Impact Damage

ImpactDo you need an estimate for impact damage to your property? Or are you about to claim on your insurance?

We can help you experience a stress free property insurance claim at no cost to you for our service as we bill your insurer direct for any property reinstatement works we undertake.

We can even help with your alternative accommodation and any loss of earnings if you work from home, if required!

Perhaps a vehicle has collided with your property walls or boundary – the physical damage can be big enough but we understand the emotional impact can be even greater.

The full extent of the damage may not be completely visible and fears over the safety and security of the property, how long it will take to repair the damage and the cost of the repairs may be a constant worry.

Of course, safety and security issues are paramount but once the emergency services have assured Aspray, we can, at your instruction, immediately start to help pick up the pieces.

Our team at Aspray understand how you may feel and the mountain you might fear you are about to climb. Our local project managers understand the stress you may be under and will be happy to dedicate their time to negotiating a fair settlement for you with your insurer and then will oversee vetted contractors to ensure your property is reinstated to its former glory as quickly as possible.

The property owner can usually recover the cost of the damage under their own policy and then your insurers can often pursue the recovery of the cost of your repairs from the offending motorist or their insurer.

Aspray work with your insurer’s loss adjuster, insurance company and any broker as required and keep you in the loop without unnecessarily burdening you as negotiations take place.

You will have many other issues to deal with so, why not instruct Aspray to take care of your claim, allowing you time to deal with any other matters.

Aspray will:

  • Arrange a site visit usually within 24 hours of your call
  • Prepare and present a comprehensive schedule of works for your insurer
  • Liaise directly with your insurance company and contact a loss adjuster if necessary
  • Oversee a team of vetted and reliable tradesmen
  • Ensure your property is restored to the highest possible standard
  • Negotiate any business interruption settlement for home workers and business owners
  • Help arrange alternative accommodation, where required
  • Project manage the claim and stay in close contact with you throughout. Our work is only complete when you are fully satisfied with the work
  • Ensure your property is safe and the repairs addressed as soon as possible

Whether you own a residential or buy to let property, leaving the claims handling process to Aspray will put your claim in safe hands.