Reasons why you should use Aspray as a property claims management service.

Reasons why you should use Aspray as a property claims management service.

Property insurance claims management companies can often help you achieve a fair settlement at point of claim whilst contracting work from local vetted plumbers, builders and roofers. Aspray will manage your claim from start to finish on behalf of the policy holder. The project manager will liaise with the insurance company and see the repairs on the property through from start to finish.

  1. Our network of loss assessors across the UK and Ireland means that we can be there to help you wherever you need us. Aspray will provide your property insurance claims management and building repair needs. We help ensure that your property is reinstated to its original condition.
  2. Aspray helps you to achieve a fair settlement from your insurer and ensure your home returns back to normal as quickly as possible.
  3. Our efficient and professional service is at no cost to you the policy holder, as we invoice your insurer directly for all property reinstatement and repairs.
  4. When your home has been damaged, coping with the disruption and inconvenience is stressful enough; dealing with loss adjusters and tradespeople is extra pressure you could do without. Aspray can help take away this stress by providing our customers with regular updates on how the repairs are being handled within your property.
  5. When the repairs have finished and your property has been reinstated to the highest possible standard, our customers are issued a satisfaction note. You the customer, are able to evaluate the works carried out on your property and are given a chance to provide valuable feedback for our service.

That’s why Aspray will:

  • Visit the property and carry out a thorough assessment of the damage.
  • Prepare a detailed schedule of works and damage report for your insurer.
  • Meet the loss adjuster, where required, to negotiate on your behalf and agree repairs.
  • Manage vetted tradespeople and suppliers to complete repairs to the highest possible standard.
  • Invoice your insurer for all completed works.

Contact Aspray for more information on our property claims management service.


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